The Environmental Advocacy Center (CIAM) is a non-profit environmental law organization based in Panama City, Panama, works in tandem with lawyers and scientist to pursue the right to a healthy environment through the development, implementation, and enforcement of national and international law.

12 years

of combined experience in environmental strategic  

litigation, and advocacy for our communities good health.

We are a public interest advocacy center that promotes access to environmental justice. We promote environmental protection, encourage citizen participation through the dissemination of knowledge, networking and accountability in an effort to influence decisions and relevant policies. We can do this, with the generous  international donations.

We believe in the power of people to make changes: that is advocacy.

Since 2007, we are committed to move forward a country where organized civil society groups have greater knowledge of environmental legislation and their human rights, in order to influence local and national decision-making, aimed at improving institutional integrity and environmental protection.  

We go where the environment needs

CIAM provides environmental legal services pro bono across Panama, for ecosystems and communities threatened by public policy actions or private actors.

Environmental  justice, strategic litigation, public participation, transparency, inclusion, define our job.

In 2019
CIAM received the Human Rights Award

Over the years, CIAM has relied on consensus building across all sectors of society to leverage influence, build a common vision, and move people to action.  


  • CIAM works closely with most major environmental and civil society organizations, such as:

  • Alianza Ciudad Pro Justicia,

  • Libertad Ciudadana,

  • Red Ciudadana Urbana,

  • Red de Derechos Humanos, Red Nacional del Agua; 

  • Coalición Panameña Anti Tabaco. 

Internationally, we have alliances with: 

  • ELAW,

  • AIDA,

  • CIEL, 

  • Mining Watch,

  • Open Government Parnership,

  • The Access Innitiative 

  • McGill University of Canada

  • York University, Canada

  • American University.  


The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide has enjoyed collaborating with El Centro de Incidencia Ambiental (CIAM) for many years. Together, we have taken on urgent environmental challenges in Panama to protect communities and the ecosystems they depend upon. CIAM does great work protecting coastlines from bad development projects, strengthening environmental laws, defending protected areas, and building a better future for Panama.  We look forward to working with CIAM’s dedicated team of professionals to protect communities and the environment for years to come. CIAM's work gives me inspiration and hope!

CIAM as a public interest organization, wield the power of law to protect environmental human rights, and magnificent ecosystems.

Bern Johnson,

Executive Director 

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Registered Charity: On April 28, 2010, the Ministry of Economy and Finance recognizing CIAM´s non-profit status issued Resolution No. 201-1508 whereby donations to the Center can be deduced from Panama’s income tax return.

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